Story Time

Story #1
The Evil Creation
By Tommy

 “Behold, my evil creation!” Yells Harv- you know what? I think I’m starting to late in the story. It all start at McQuarrie Middle School, Dwight just left and now our school makes EVERYBODY go to summer school, and Harvey is in my class. During science class we learned about how creating monsters were fake. Well, not in Harvey’s mind. At the end of school I noticed I had a piece of green piece of origami paper, and I made a Jabba The Hutt. And ya ya, a bunch of things happened before I woke but I’ll just skip to there. Then I woke up and looked at my clock. 9:13! Holy cow, am I late for school or what? I got all ready and headed for school. When I got to school the place was deserted. I looked around the school for any clues about why it was so empty. Then I heard what sounded like an evil laugh. then I heard somebody say ” yes! We have done it Papertine! No more school again!” Then I recognized the voice. Harvey! I went in the room and it was Harvey! “Behold, my evil creation!” Yells Harvey as soon as he saw me. Then I
pulled out Jabba. “Well then I guess it’s Jabba vs. Papertine.” I said.

Harvey’s comment: What Evil laugh? Why did it stop right there? 9:13? So many questions!
My comment: just ignore Harvey's comments. Here, I'll even cross it out for you. Look down.
Harvey’s crossed out comment: What Evil laugh? Why did it stop right there? 9:13? So many questions!
Jabba vs. Papertine
By Tommy

Okay, now I’m stuck with a blob of slime vs. a person who can shoot lightning out of his hands! Maybe when I noticed the school was empty I should have just left. Then… Zz! Papertine’s light saber cut Jabba in half and also gave me a paper cut!

Harvey’s comment: What? I gave you a paper cut?! Ha ha!
My Comment: Mean mean...Infinity mean, Harvey!
The Next Day
By Tommy

The next day I went to school again. Everybody was gone again! Then (just like last time) There was something that sounded like an evil laugh (Harvey, I said what sounded like an evil laugh) that came from the library. Then I went into the library and there was the whole school! “So this was all a trick!” I said. “Yes it was” said Principal Rabbski. “It was all set up by me!”

Harvey’s Comment: Hah ha! You fell for it!
My Comment to Rabbski: Why would you do this Rabbski?

Rabbski’s Comment: I did it to see if you’re dumb, and apparently, you’re dumb! You get an F!

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